Importance Of Project Monitoring

Monitoring is an important part of the project management. Proper monitoring has get different advantages like you must know the development of the project, correcting the technical or other types of problems, promoting the team members to achieve the goal etc.

Monitoring is regular activity of the project manager to keep eyes on the different phases of the projects. It is essential that each team member must know the objective of the monitoring of the projects.

You must have to know the actual development between the actual plan and the achievements of the project at different phase. Based on the defined schedule, you must have to finish the goal based on the time fixed by you and time lapse. The monitoring of the project should be based on the time, work and the resources utilize by the project team.

You must have to keep watching on the monitoring of the activity or productivity of the employee. It is essential to keep watch on activity.

You must have to conduct a regular interaction with the team to know the developments of the project. You should also know the problems faces by the team member at the grass root level. You must have to short out the problems so that you should be running as per schedule.

You must have to monitor the technical problem too. If you are working on large employment group than you must have to solve the inter-personal issues too. As project manager, you must have to keep eye on the welfare of the issues.

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